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Courses & Teaching

The AMMRF nodes are offering a wide range of courses in the areas of microscopy and microanalysis. If you wish to participate in a course or require one-one-training, please contact the relevant node for more information.

Courses 2012

Name Date
The University of Sydney, Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis
Introductory Microscopy and Microanalysis Mar 12–22; Jul 30–Aug 9
Biological Specimen Preparation for TEM & SEM Mar 26–30; Aug 13–17
Materials Specimen Preparation for TEM & SEM Apr 23–27; Sep 17–Sep 20
TEM of Crystalline Materials Jun 4–8; Oct 2–5
Research Methodology Aug 02–Oct 25
Light Microscopy Workshop May-21
Fluorescence Microscopy Techniques May 14–18
Introduction to Confocal Microscopy May 21–25; Sep 3–4
Operation of the Transmission Electron Microscope May 7–11; Aug 27–31
Operation of the Scanning Electron Microscope Apr 30–May 4; Aug 20–24
Stereology Apr 16–17; Sep 10–11
Image Analysis Apr 18–20; Sep 12–14
Microscopy of Biomolecular Processes, consisting of:
– Advanced Light and Laser Microscopy Oct 10–21
– Advanced X-ray, Probe and Electron Microscopy Oct 15–19
Nanostructural Analysis of Materials, consisting of:
– Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Oct 22–24
– Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy Oct 25–29
– Focused Ion Beam Technology Oct-30
– Atom Probe Tomography Oct 31–Nov 2
Graduate Certificate in Applied Science (M&M) Mar 5–Jun 30
Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (M&M) Jul 30–Nov 24
Masters of Applied Science (M&M) Jul 30–Nov 24
The University of Western Australia, Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis
Mass Spectrometry Mar 5–9; Jun 25–29; Nov 5–9
Scanning Electron Microscopy Mar 5–9; Jun 25–29; Nov 5–9
Transmission Electron Microscopy Mar 12–16; Jul 2–6; Nov 12–16
Energy-dispersive X-ray Microanalysis Systems Mar 19–23; Jul 9–13; Nov 19–23
XRD Mar 26–30; Jul 16–20;
Nov 26–30
Optical and Confocal Microscopy Mar 26–30; Jul 23–27;
Nov 26–30
Flow Cytometry Apr 3–5; Jul 9-13; Nov 19–23
The Australian National University, Centre for Advanced Microscopy
Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy Mar 14; May 16
Introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy (Physical Science) Mar 15; May 17
Introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy (Biological Science) Mar 22; May 23
Introduction to Light Microscopy Feb 21; Mar 13; Apr 17; May 16; Jun 12
Specimen Preparation – Physical Sciences Apr 13; Jun 8
Specimen Preparation – Biological Microscopy Apr 20; Jun 15
Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy Feb 1–2
Cryo Scanning Electron Microscopy Feb 8–9
Electron Crystallography Feb 17–18
Advanced Topics in Light Microscopy Feb 20–21
Specimen Preparation of Plant Material Apr 10–12
Advanced Crystal Chemical Characterisation Jun 18–29
Masters in Microscopy (online) Feb–Nov
E-Learning: SEM and TEM Operation, SEM and TEM Specimen Preparation and Crystallography Jan–Dec
The University of New South Wales, Electron Microscope Unit
Elements of Electron Microscopy Mid Apr; exact dates TBA
Microanalysis May; exact dates TBA
SARF: Ian Wark Research Institute
Nano-ToF Operation (One to one instruction) Available on demand
X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer Operation (One to one instruction) Available on demand
SARF: Adelaide Microscopy
SEM, TEM, Dualbeam FIB,ESEM, EPMA, LAICPMS, Solution ICPMS, Laser Microdissection, X-ray Microtomography, AFM/NSOM, BET Surface Area Analysis, Confocal & Optical Microscopy, Sample Preparation Available on demand
SARF: Flinders Microscopy
AFM and Confocal Raman Techniques Late Apr
The University of Queensland, Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis
Cryo-SEM Feb 6–10; Apr 2–5; Jun 4–8;
Jul 16–21;Sep 4–8; Nov 5–9
Scanning Electron Microscopy including microanalysis, microprobe and cryo-SEM Feb 13–17; Apr 23–27; Jun 25–29; Aug 6–10; Sep 24–28;
Nov 26–30
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Feb 27; May 8; Jul 9;
Aug 20; Oct 8; Dec 10
Ad hoc training for AFM, TEM, SAXS and XRD Available on demand
Curtin University, John de Laeter Centre
SHRIMP II Introductory Course Sep 10–17


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