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The AMMRF: your partner of choice for microscopy, microanalysis and image analysis at the atomic, molecular and cellular scale

Operating in nodes located in major capital cities (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Sydney) with links to smaller units in specialist facilities, the Facility provides access to a vast array of instrumentation that is accessible to all Australian publicly funded researchers on the basis of merit and a nominal fee schedule.

The techniques available on the instruments are wide-ranging and can be applied to an extremely broad range of research fields from the life sciences, such as cell biology, to materials science and mineralogy, polymer chemistry, engineering, nanotechnology, environmental sciences, and investigations of cultural artefacts. This diversity of instrumentation and research fields, along with the level of expertise, makes for a highly dynamic and vibrant facility. Our staff are always happy to help users find the right technique to answer their research questions.


Specimen Preparation
Cell Culturing and Molecular Preparation
Thermomechanical Processing


Light and Laser Optics
Confocal and Fluorescence Microscopy
Optical Microscopy
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting
Live-cell Imaging
Vibrational and Laser Spectroscopy
Laser Microdissection


Scanning Electron Microscopy
Imaging and Analytical Spectroscopy
In-situ Imaging and Testing

  Transmission Electron Microscopy
Imaging and Analytical Spectroscopy
Cryo Techniques and Tomography
Phase and Z-contrast Imaging

  Advanced Ion Platforms
Nanoscale Mass Spectroscopy
Atom Probe Tomography
Ion Milling and Machining
Ion Implantation

  Scanned Probe Techniques
Atomic Force Microscopy
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy

  X-ray Technologies
X-ray Diffraction
X-ray Fluorescence
X-ray Micro- and Nanotomography

  Visualisation and Simulation
Computed Spectroscopy
Computed Diffraction
Image Simulation, Analysis and Data Mining


Flagship instruments

Cameca IMS 1280 Ion Probe
Cameca NanoSIMS 50 Ion Probe
The University of Western Australia

High-throughput cryo-TEM facility
The University of Queensland

Imago Local Electrode Atom Probes
The University of Sydney

FEI Nova NanoLab 200 DualBeam FIB
The University of New South Wales

FEI Helios NanoLab DualBeam FIB
The University of Adelaide; South Australian Regional Facility (SARF)

High-resolution SEM microanalysis facility
The University of New South Wales

University of South Australia; South Australian Regional Facility (SARF)

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