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About Us

The Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF) is Australia's leading facility for characterisation of matter on a fine scale. We specialise in instrumentation, methodologies and applications of materials characterisation using ion and electron beams, scanned probes, X-rays as well as light and laser optics. The six AMMRF nodes are located at host institutions in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Sydney.

This collaborative facility, comprised of research expertise and research infrastructure, is accessible by all Australian researchers, enabling discovery, innovation and ingenuity in Australian science.

The AMMRF is based around a nodal structure of major microscopy centres, together with Linked Laboratories and Linked Centres.

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Our vision

The AMMRF is Australia's peak research facility for the characterisation of materials through macro, meso, nano and atomic length scales by means of advanced microscopy and microanalysis.

Our mission

The AMMRF is a user-focused, interdisciplinary organisation that employs microscopy and microanalysis to explore structure-function relationships of materials in the physical, chemical and biological sciences and their technologies. Accessible to all Australian researchers, the facility provides a quality user experience enabled through the provision of world-class research services, research training and research programs.


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AMMRF Founding Nodes
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