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Established in July 2007 under the Commonwealth Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), the Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility is a joint venture between Australian university-based microscopy and microanalysis centres.

The AMMRF is a national grid of equipment, instrumentation and expertise in microscopy and microanalysis that provides nanostructural characterisation capability and services, including widely used optical, electron, X-ray and ion-beam techniques and world-leading flagship platforms. The latter include pulsed-laser local-electrode atom probe, high-throughput cryo-TEM, high-resolution SEM and spectroscopy, as well as high-precision ion probes.

This collaborative facility, comprising research expertise and research infrastructure, is accessible by all Australian researchers, enabling discovery and innovation in Australian science. Operating nodes in major capital cities, and with links to smaller units in specialist facilities, it provides access to a vast array of instrumentation.

The AMMRF offers a complete, modern suite of instruments accessible to all Australian publicly funded researchers on the basis of merit and a nominal fee schedule. Industry-based researchers can also access the facilities for proprietary research at commercial rates.


16 October 2012
Dancing our way to the top
Congratulations to Peter Liddicoat from the AMMRF at the University of Sydney – this year's winner of Dance your PhD. This international competition challenges scientists to explain their research through the most jargon-free medium available: interpretive dance! Read more

13 September 2012
2012 Eureka Prize goes to Digitalcore
A research spin-off technology company enabled by microscopy has been awarded the Rio Tinto Eureka Prize for Commercialisation of Innovation. Digitalcore uses high-resolution 3-D scanning of oil-bearing rocks combined with supercomputing to improve the efficiency of the oil and gas industry. Read more

07 September 2012
All Modules now live on MyScope
E-learning modules covering Scanning Electron, Transmission Electron and Confocal Microscopy, Scanning Probe & Atomic Force Microscopy, X-ray Diffraction and Microanalysis are now online. MyScope online training environment includes virtual instruments, video and other resources for researchers to train at their own pace. To explore this free resource go to

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